Are there opportunities to intern for the Swan Project?

Please contact us to inquire about internship opportunities.

How did the Swan Project begin? 

The Swan Project grew out of the The Ricketts Conservation Foundation and Wyoming Wetlands Society's shared passion for conservation. 

The Ricketts Conservation Foundation has long respected the Wyoming Wetlands Society's important work with Trumpeter Swans.  At the same time, the Wyoming Wetlands Society followed with interest the Ricketts Conservation Foundation's successful project to restore the Common Loon.  By combining forces, the two organizations seek to have a lasting, positive impact on the swan population in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

The partnership between the Ricketts Conservation Foundation and the Wyoming Wetlands Society began in April 2018 and will last up to 10 years, through 2028.  

How will the Swan Project operate?

The Ricketts Conservation Foundation will contribute strategic oversight, operational expertise, and outreach support to the Swan Project, in addition to providing the funding for the Swan Project.  The Wyoming Wetlands Society will contribute technical and field expertise along with industry relationships to the joint project.

The Swan Project will be supervised by a 3-person oversight committee comprised of 1 designee from each of the Wyoming Wetlands Society and the Ricketts Conservation Foundation, and 1 mutually agreed upon member.